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About us

Shanghai You Win Business Consulting Co., Ltd., was established in 2014, and our aim is “helping people, influencing people, achieving people”. The company focused on the field of foreign, and committed you to providing one-stop solutions for foreign businesses in China. The specific business involves the registration of WFOE, joint ventures, annual inspection, accounting and tax consulting, foreigners’ work permit application in China, trademark registration and other business services. The company has branches in Zhejiang, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. The main customers are from Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The company has served over thousands foreign enterprises.


  • Company Registration in HK

    The absence of foreign exchange controls, the freedom to move capital in and out of Hong Kong and the low taxation rate make Hong Kong an attractive place for foreign-registered companies. We register Hong Kong company for you, and provide you with bookkeeping and tax declaration, annual inspection and other services.

  • Accounting Service

    When your company registration is completed, financial accounting is an important part to ensure the normal operation of the company, we provide you with financial services, including tax declaration, annual inspection, invoice issuing, payroll agency, escort for your company.

  • Work Visa

    We are committed to handling the new application, extension, change and cancellation of work permit and work visa for foreigners in China, including material preparation, academic certification, online application, entry and exit escort, etc.

  • Company Registration

    The establishment of a company refers to the legal acts that must be taken and completed by the founder of a company in order to establish a company and obtain the legal person status according to the legal conditions and procedures.

Why us?

  • Chinese and English bilingual service

    Our highly efficient and professional team has been served more than ten years for foreign business, and provided one-to-one bilingual consulting services.

  • One-stop enterprise service

    Covering the start-up period, growth period and maturity period of enterprises to meet all kinds of needs

  • High success rate

    To provide customized service for customers with complex situation to ensure high success rate, and no charge for failure

  • Risk prevention and control

    Strengthen the control of financial risks and avoid financial and tax risks

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